Working Papers

·         Xuanyu Bai and Youchang Wu, 2023, Private Equity and Gas Emissions: Evidence from Electric Power Plants

Conferences: 7th Shanghai-Edinburgh-London Green Finance Conference (Virtual), 6th Private Markets Research Conference (Lausanne), 2nd Conference in Sustainable Finance (Luxembourg), 2nd Sustainable Private Markets Conference (Oxford), China International Risk Forum (Shanghai).

·         Zhiqi Cao, Wenfeng Wu, and Youchang Wu, 2022, Uncertainty and the Beta Anomaly.

Conferences: CICF 2022, CIRF2022, Shanghai Financial Forefront Symposium 2022

·         Albert Sheen, Youchang Wu, and Yuwen Yuan, 2021, Private Equity and Financial Adviser Misconduct.

Conferences: EFMA 2022, CICF 2022, CIRF2022, FMA2022, National Regulatory Services Spring 2022 Compliance Conference.

Media Coverage: Barron’s; Yahoo!Finance; Financial Advisor Magazine; Financial Planning; National Association of Plan Advisors; MarketWatch; Citywire USA; Wealth Management; Thinkadvisor, Financial Adviser IQ, Financial Advisor Transitions, SecuritiesLaw, FundFire

·         Donghyeok Jang and Youchang Wu, 2021, Size and Investment Performance: Defined Benefit vs. Defined Contribution Pension Plans.

Conferences: CIRF, Pacific Northwest Finance Conference, International Symposium on Longevity Finance and Risk Management, FMA

·         Nadia Vozlyublennaia and Youchang Wu, 2019, Mutual Funds Apart from the Crowd.

Selected Conferences: CICF, MFA, CIRF. Winner of Modern Risk Society Research Excellence Paper Award.

·         Giulio Girardi, Christof Stahl, Youchang Wu, 2017, Cash Management and Extreme Liquidity Demand of Mutual Funds.

·         Prachi Deuskar, Jay Wang, Youchang Wu, and Quoc Nguyen, 2012, The Dynamics of Hedge Fund Fees.

Selected Conferences: FIRS, CICF.

·         Russ Wermers, Youchang Wu, and Josef Zechner, 2008, Portfolio Performance, Discount Dynamics, and the Turnover of Closed-End Fund Managers.

Selected Conferences: AFA, WFA, EFA, CICF.

·         Rong Cui and Youchang Wu, 2007, Disentangling Liquidity and Size Effects in Stock Returns: Evidence from China.

Selected Conferences: CICF, EFMA.