Working Papers

·       Youchang Wu and Josef Zechner, 2024, Political Preferences and Financial Market Equilibrium.

Conferences: UBC Winter Finance Conference 2024, FIRS 2024

·       Xuanyu Bai and Youchang Wu, 2023, Private Equity and Gas Emissions: Evidence from Electric Power Plants.

Conferences: 7th Shanghai-Edinburgh-London Green Finance Conference (Virtual), 6th Private Markets Research Conference (Lausanne), 2nd Conference in Sustainable Finance (Luxembourg), 2nd Sustainable Private Markets Conference (Oxford), China International Risk Forum (Shanghai), 3rd Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility (UM Boston), 4th Boca Corporate Finance and Governance Conference

·       Zhiqi Cao, Wenfeng Wu, and Youchang Wu, 2022, Economic Uncertainty and the Beta Anomaly.

Conferences: CICF 2022, CIRF2022, Shanghai Financial Forefront Symposium 2022

·       Albert Sheen, Youchang Wu, and Yuwen Yuan, 2021, Private Equity and Financial Adviser Misconduct.

Conferences: EFMA 2022, CICF 2022, CIRF 2022, FMA 2022, National Regulatory Services Spring 2022 Compliance Conference.

Media Coverage: Barron’s; Yahoo!Finance; Financial Advisor Magazine; Financial Planning; National Association of Plan Advisors; MarketWatch; Citywire USA; Wealth Management; Thinkadvisor, Financial Adviser IQ, Financial Advisor Transitions, SecuritiesLaw, FundFire

·       Donghyeok Jang and Youchang Wu, 2021, Size and Investment Performance: Defined Benefit vs. Defined Contribution Pension Plans.

Conferences: CIRF, Pacific Northwest Finance Conference, International Symposium on Longevity Finance and Risk Management, FMA

·       Nadia Vozlyublennaia and Youchang Wu, 2019, Mutual Funds Apart from the Crowd.

Selected Conferences: CICF, MFA, CIRF. Winner of Modern Risk Society Research Excellence Paper Award.

·       Giulio Girardi, Christof Stahl, Youchang Wu, 2017, Cash Management and Extreme Liquidity Demand of Mutual Funds.

·       Prachi Deuskar, Jay Wang, Youchang Wu, and Quoc Nguyen, 2012, The Dynamics of Hedge Fund Fees.

Selected Conferences: FIRS, CICF.

·       Russ Wermers, Youchang Wu, and Josef Zechner, 2008, Portfolio Performance, Discount Dynamics, and the Turnover of Closed-End Fund Managers.

Selected Conferences: AFA, WFA, EFA, CICF.

·       Rong Cui and Youchang Wu, 2007, Disentangling Liquidity and Size Effects in Stock Returns: Evidence from China.

Selected Conferences: CICF, EFMA.